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    John Clare - To Autumn - Patrick Stewart


    by poetictouch

    Patrick Stewart reads John Clare's To Autumn

    To Autumn
    by John Clare (1793-1864)

    Come, pensive Autumn, with thy clouds and storms
    And falling leaves and pastures lost to flowers;
    A luscious charm hangs on thy faded forms,
    More sweet than Summer in her loveliest hours,
    Who in her blooming uniform of green
    Delights with samely and continued joy:
    But give me, Autumn, where thy hand hath been,
    For there is wildness that can never cloy —
    The russet hue of fields left bare, and all
    The tints of leaves and blossoms ere they fall.
    In thy dull days of clouds a pleasure comes,
    Wild music softens in thy hollow winds;
    And in thy fading woods a beauty blooms
    That's more than dear to melancholy minds.