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    【APH】 Draft #1: Waltz-y Marukaite Chikyuu


    por Kyuumi

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    First (not-so) serious attempt at making music instead of just mixing songs.

    Should I:
    a. keep the length and just fix what has to be fixed (sound levels, balance, instruments etc.);
    b. try and do a long version;
    c. scrap it?

    Not much to say besides... it's heavily influenced by old school RPG's. *coughFFcough* I must say most of my "musical knowledge" comes from that type of music. :'D

    I might try doing more things like this for a change. I even got some ideas like:
    1. "Let's Boil Hot Water" in elevator music style 8D (what are those things called anyway? lol)
    2. "Hamburger Street" in jazz style? I'm not sure about the name of the style I have in mind, I'm probably mistaken.
    3. "World Dancing", in... (dum-dum-dum) REGGAE STYLE! (uuuh wtf I must be on something *u*)

    Should I do them?
    ...Inspiration comes from strange places sometimes.
    - - - - -
    Waltzing~ around the world~ *shot*