OCCUPATION: Movements II & III (Syscape#4)

Eric Schockmel

by Eric Schockmel

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Great movement and sound quality. Nature surroundings sound works really well with the visuals pace. If you want to promote more of this kind of work from our website has a good indie follow up renderyard.com
By Renderyard 5 years ago
Brilliant, couldn't disagree more with Swede, stark and simplified, not, of course in the fantastic graphics. I think that, often, the most complex of disagreements are normally started over the simplest and oldest of human faults, greed, pride, jealousy and the need to show who's best. Great work!!!
By gunther19 5 years ago
The world-view presented in these "Occupation" presentations have no relation to reality. Especially not Movement I which was an utterly absurd interpretation of the Arab-Israeli conflict.
By Swede_P 5 years ago