Santa locked up in London

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A dirty, dishevelled and under-nourished looking Santa Claus shivered in a cage in London's Carnaby Street, as two actors posing as Finnish men offered him up for sale.

With an 85,000 dollar price tag, members of the public didn't appear too keen to purchase their very own Father Christmas. However salesmen "Jurgen," and "Stefan" insisted the buyer would be getting a good deal.

"We deliver, to anywhere in the world. You buy him from and we sell him for 85,000 dollars. This is cheap. Genuine, highly trained Santa Claus", they said.

The "sale" of Santa was a stunt to promote the movie "Rare Exports", an alternative Christmas film that gives the story of Santa a very different twist.

The Santa in Carnaby Street bore a remarkable resemblance to several of the grisly looking old men in the film.

Kind-hearted members of the public saw beyond his shabby appearance, saying they'd take him home if they could.

One man said: "He looks very nice and I'm sure even though he might scare a few people, he's probably, deep down inside, he's still a good guy."

"I think he just needs a lovely home, where he can go and be with everyone on Christmas", said another member of the public.