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    India’s First Air-Conditioned Double-Decker Train Unveiled


    by NTDTelevision

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    Commuters in India’s West Bengal tried out the country’s first air-conditioned double-decker train. It’s a comfortable ride as the train can accommodate more passengers and has several safety features.

    Commuters in West Bengal enjoyed a ride in the country's first air-conditioned double-decker train on Monday.

    The train is being run by Eastern Railways, between Howrah in West Bengal and Dhanbad in neighboring Jharkhand.

    The double-level stainless steel coaches have been introduced to cater to the heavy rush of travelers on popular routes, offering air-conditioned travel at a lower cost.

    The train has several safety features such as fire retardant upholstery on the seats, as well as a crashworthy design.

    The train has 10 coaches that include eight double-deckers and two power cars.

    It can carry 128 passengers in comparison to 78 in chair-car carriages that can be seen on most trains.

    The train can run at speeds of up to 100 miles per hour.