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    Mandy Moore excited to be a Princess


    by ODN


    Actress Mandy Moore has said that she was really excited to play Rapunzel in Walt Disney's 50th animated film, Tangled.

    Speaking alongisde her 'Prince,' co-star Zachery Levi, Moore said: "To be the voice of a Disney Princess in general, let alone for the 50th animated film, is quite an undertaking...I didn't feel too much pressure, I think I was more excited to be the voice of Rapunzel and be a part of all the excitement."

    Levi plays Flynn Ryder, a bandit who saves Rapunzel by mistake. Levi added: "By the end of the movie he's a changed man and he's changed by the purity and love and wonderment of this young woman, Rapunzel."

    The film isn't the first time that Mandy has ventured into animation. She also voiced characters in Brother Bear 2 and The Simpsons.

    Tangled is in UK cinemas from January 28th 2011.