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    REEL LOVE presents: TWEEN HEARTS - November 21, 2010 Part 1


    by WithoutRegrd4HumnLfe

    This Sunday, more drama and big revelations will be exposed in the Part 8 episode of Tween Hearts as Barbie Forteza and Bea Binene's relationship gets complicated after they discovered each others differences and beliefs.

    After the unfortunate incident in the camp, all the nine teens - Bambi (Barbie Forteza), Josh (Joshua Dionisio), Belinda (Bea Binene), Jacob (Jake Vargas), Aya (Joyce Ching), Chris (Kristoffer Martin), Leslie (Lexi Fernandez), Luisa (Louise de los Reyes) and Rick (Derek Monasterio) - got a reprimand from headmaster Boris played by Gabby Eigenmann and were given group punishments.

    In their next activity, Boris asks them to write thank you and I'm sorry notes for everybody. This task gives each of them a chance to settle the hang-ups and issues they have with one another. Aya and Chris finally reconcile; Josh apologizes to his sister; Rick makes peace with Aya; and Belinda, though with a heavy heart, asks for forgiveness from Bambi.