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    The History of Psychology - Part 1 - Freud


    by rhythmofhealth

    In the history of psychology all the major figures recognized that connection and unity between your conscious mind and your unconscious mind, which Freud called the Id, or other. A very controversial opinion about Sigmund Freud is that Freud wanted to poeticize the unconscious and thereby heal the unconscious. This healing fiction is mythopoesis and a mythopoetic attitude toward the tradition of depth psychology, now spearheaded by James Hillman with The Soul's Code, re-visioning psychology, Dream and the underworld, and a Blue Fire. Dave Alber is sentimental toward Freud. Freud wants to bless the unconscious which is like an angel. Like angels & demons or city of angels in America, your unconscious requires a blessing like a prayer to God. Give it that blessing. In The Interpretation of Dreams, The Ego and The Id, Three Essays On The Theory Of Sexuality and Civilization and its Discontents Freud, the father of psychoanalysis developed theory of the unconscious. The Rhythm of Health.