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    Guilt and Post-Traumatic Stress


    by rhythmofhealth

    Guilt is a common experience for people experiencing post-traumatic stress. A definition of guilt. Guilt is a feeling of self-judgment, self-criticism, or self-reproach associated with assumed responsibility. We often assume too much responsibility. Guilt and shame. Self-critical remarks are guilt trips. Watch out for guilt trips. We watch our thoughts, with detachment, fascination, and amazement, like a meditation. And we let the toxic guilt trip vanish into the past and become guilt-free. This is letting go of guilt, saying good-by to guilt, and releasing fear through self-forgiveness. So, we don't emotionally blackmail ourselves or others or let guilt manipulate you. Rather, we learn the lesson of love. The Rhythm of Health is a Post-Traumatic Stress Education and Relaxation Training Program created by Dave Alber, published author and certified hypnotherapist. How to heal posttraumatic stress with step-by-step program for health. Recover Your Life.