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    Dissassociation Due to Traumatic Stress


    by rhythmofhealth

    Disassociation Due to Trauma can be characterized by its relation to memory. When we consider our normal memory processes, memories are relational, associated, and connected to each other. The senses work in a coordinated fashion. The memories form a cosmos not a chaos. Chronology makes navigating memories easy. Connection is the key feature. Consider positive images from your past. Positive images are connected to positive sounds, positive, scents, and positive emotions. Your mind does this naturally. It's a skill to hold memories together. Neurologists talk of neuro-connections. Carl Sagan, in cosmos, states that there are more neuroconnections in the brain than there are atoms in the universe. Memory can heal and forgive the haunted self and the stranger in the mirror. Dissociation is due to memories that lack connection. Connection reminds us how memory works. How to heal posttraumatic stress with step-by-step program for health.