LF Night 51 5


by Diddididi

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Josie is absolutely gorgeous in this clip, no wonder JJ left, i think he thought so too by the way he looked at her , how john controled himself is beyond human ability. I am suprised he didnt just go up to her and snog her face off, or say to her that he loved her there and then and if evicted he would be waiting for her.
By mamajean 4 years ago
missmum Wow!! is john into Angels? didn't quite hear all that, but, did john say he got the t-shirt from england , I had noticed the angel on the back , did you hear him say what the writing means? .If he is into Angels (he said to josie he believes his dad is watching over him) this explains why he as time for Dave they sit and talk for ages about all sorts of things( Dave talks about the angels looking after us all ) apart from josie dave was the only other person john felt comfortable with.
By letmetelu 5 years ago
awww she is beautiful
By missmum 5 years ago