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    Profile of a Modern Day Russian Nobleman


    by NTDTelevision

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    Vladimir Zhukovsky-Volinsky lives in a communal apartment in St. Petersburg. His great grandfather once owned several houses. But Vladimir is not looking for restitution. He says he values spiritual wealth and tries to find the positive in everything.


    [Vladimir Zhukovsky-Volinsky, Descendant of an Ancient Family]:
    "The main thing he said was: "Do not forget the principles of the Russian nobility: strength, loyalty, generosity." I try the best I can, to follow these precepts."

    Vladimir Zhukovsky does not consider himself as a perfect man, although he has always relied on biblical precepts and classical literature. He says his main sin was joining the Communist Party during his military service. This act greatly concerned his father.



    Working 25 years as a journalist, Vladimir Zhukovsky was invloved in many areas of radio and television, and even had a private newspaper. He met famous people and became friends with many of them.


    However, not all the material was easy, and sometimes he had to be careful.

    [Vladimir Zhukovsky-Volinsky, Descendant of an Ancient Family]:
    "I started to investigate the underworld of St. Petersburg, uncovering corrupt bureaucrats and so on. When I walked into the courtyard of my house I heard 2 shots. I understood: the next day the third (shot) will be mine, just in the middle. And I thought that if the bullet is used in an argument against the written word, the time for the press has probably not yet come."

    The former journalist has a lot of talents. He draws, and even wrote a book of poems. But most of all, he has enjoyed photography for almost 45 years. He gives his skills to students unselfishly. He has already put on 70 exhibitions.

    Many celebrities have praised his work. Vladimir also recommends classical music, books and a bicycle.

    NTD, St. Petersburg, Russia