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    Thailand Celebrates Full Moon Festival


    by NTDTelevision

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    Locals and tourists across Thailand celebrated the full moon with the Loy Krathong festival on Sunday.

    Loy Krathong falls on the twelfth month of the year of the traditional Thai lunar calendar.

    Most of the festivities were held on riverbanks and by lakes where people worship the goddess of rivers with small floats decorated with flowers, candles and joss sticks.

    It is a time for worshipers to pray and make their wishes for good luck before releasing their float on to the water and carry away all bad things.

    [Chulee Sinchai, Bangkok Resident]:
    "I pray for peace, unity and happiness in the country. And I pray for my good health and long life."

    It is also a tourism highlight for Thailand when visitors have their chance to take part in the Asian culture.

    The ailing 83-year-old Thai King also took part in the festival. Sources say his health has improved but remains in the hospital for further treatment.