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    Alleged arms dealer's wife attacks Thai officials


    by ODN


    Alla Bout, the wife of suspected Russian illegal arms dealer Viktor Bout, has spoken in Bangkok of her disappointment at the actions of the Thai government.

    Viktor Bout, who had been held in Thailand since March 2008, was extradited to the US. This came as a shock to his wife, lawyer and his associate.

    "I think that by transferring my husband to the United States' officials before the end of legal procedure at the Thai court and by conducting the extradition, which breaches all elementary of legal human rights - the government of Thailand has once more demonstrated its complete subservience to Washington, and is willing to fulfil any orders of its American bosses," Alla Bout said prior to her departure to Moscow.

    Alla Bout hopes to attain a visa for the US in order to continue her campaign to clinch Viktor's freedom.

    Dubbed "the Merchant of Death", Bout is suspected of arms trafficking to dictators and conflict zones in Africa, South America and the Middle East since the 1990s.

    Alla Bout argued that all accusations made against her husband were part of a propaganda campaign waged by the US.

    Mrs Bout also added that the US war against terrorism had been a failure and that her husband was being scapegoated.

    In the US Viktor Bout pleaded not guilty to complicity charges before a court judge, and is being held in custody without bail.

    If convicted of all counts, the 43-year-old former Soviet air force officer faces 25 years to life in prison.