Natalya vs. Laycool (Plus The Return Of Beth Phoenix)

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Natalya Hart


Beth & Natalya ♥

They are BEST ♥ !!
By Ms_Hennigan 4 years ago
Thanks for uploaded this vid Jokerwilds.

I'm so happy Nattie won, LayCool are so annoying, I'm sick of them. Can you imagine if Nattie and Beth Phoenix shared the title like LayCool no Diva will stand a chance.
By supermassiveme 4 years ago
YES I got both of my wishes in the same night ..............I'd Also like 2 point out the fact that Natalya Wore the PERFECT outfit the belt matches it perfectly.
By KuireeKeene 4 years ago
I really want someone to stab matt stryker in the face.
By kanaedax 4 years ago