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    That’s The Way The Ball Bounces


    by Xlibris

    For the military men, home may be a refreshing “site” but how long would it be until they start living in the barracks again—in between active engagements? Delve into the tedious and mundane life of a soldier and the amusing ways with which he keeps himself occupied, in double veteran Milton Cook’s new remarkable book, That’s The Way The Ball Bounces: A Nonplused Soldier’s Mundane Exploits During WWII.

    Get a glimpse of the military life through this engrossing memoir while learning about a teenage soldier’s somewhat unusual service as a Military Policeman in the Army Air Force during World War II. After basic training in Miami Beach, the MP Company was stationed for over two years at the headquarters of a Replacement Depot in the English Midlands. The company was billeted in a dormitory-like barrack, with two men per room. After the war, what remained of the company was sent to Germany and had them stay there for two months.