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    Volcano Eruption Slows Down Business in Yogyakarta


    by NTDTelevision

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    Indonesia's Mount Merapi volcano continues to remain active today. It's been spewing out ash clouds for more than three weeks now, claiming over 200 lives and forcing 400-thousand to flee. Also hard hit are businesses in the region with everyone keeping their distance from the slopes of the volcano.

    Indonesia's Mount Merapi volcano eruption has slowed down business in the region. Mount Merapi continued to sporadically spit out hot clouds and fiery lava on Friday.

    In Yogyakarta City, the main eating shopping and tourist destinations remain deserted.

    This woman has been selling batik clothes and t-shirts for 15 years. She reopened her stall on Sunday after closing it for more than two weeks due to the eruptions.

    [Miskiem, Shop Owner]:
    "The economy is bad after the eruption, I can only sell one or two pieces of clothing a day."

    The Center of Volcanological Research and Technology Development in Yogyakarta shows Merapi's activity is lower than last week, and is producing less hot clouds and lava. A danger zone around the volcano is also being lessened from 12 miles to nine miles.

    [Surono, Volcanologist]:
    "Merapi's activity appears to be declining these days. We will review it and I hope we can reduce the danger zone."

    The Mount Merapi eruption has killed over 250 people and forced nearly 400,000 to take refuge.

    Merapi is one of the most dangerous volcanoes in the "Pacific Ring of Fire." The eruption on November 3rd was the largest from the volcano in over 100 years.