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    Offensive Cell Phone Ringtone Causes Tribal Clash in Indones


    by NTDTelevision

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    An offensive cell phone ringtone stirred up troubles between two tribes in Indonesia's Papua Province. The reggae-themed music contains lyrics that insult one of the tribes.

    Police arrested three men on Friday in Indonesia's Papua Province that were involved in violent clashes between the Yoka and Wamena tribes.

    The confrontation was set off by an offensive cell phone ringtone from the Yoka tribe. The reggae beat ringtone allegedly contained insulting lyrics directed at the Wamena tribe.

    Hundreds of members of both tribes carrying bows, axes and air rifles clashed after the offensive ringtone was circulated among the Yoka tribe.

    More than 20 houses and motorcycles were burnt in Yoko village, but there are no reports of casualties from the clashes.

    Police were forced to fire warning shots to stop the violence.

    Schools were closed and some villagers were seen packing and fleeing their homes.