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    14 Cambodians Die in Anti-Tank Mine Blast


    by NTDTelevision

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    Fourteen people are dead after an anti-tank mine detonated in northwest Cambodia Thursday. Thousands of people have been killed by mines or unexploded ammunition since 1979. Most are left over from 30 years of war between the Cambodian government and communist rebels.

    Fourteen people, including a baby, are the latest to pay the price of conflict that has riddled Cambodia for years.

    They were killed when an anti-tank mine exploded in northwestern Battambang Province.

    The mine blast is the country's worst in ten years.

    The victims were traveling on a trailer towed by a tractor along a remote road when the mine detonated.

    Police said the group had not used the road often and had taken a short cut.

    More than 60-thousand people have been killed or wounded by mines or unexploded ammunition since 1979, according to the aid group Handicap International.

    Cambodia was embroiled in conflict from the late 1960s to the mid-1990s.

    All sides including a Vietnamese army of occupation and Cambodian factions including the notorious Khmer Rouge laid mines.

    It's not known who planted the mine caused the latest deaths - only that the scourge of such weapons still blights the country so many years on.