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    South Indian Man Practices to Set Top-Spinning Record


    by NTDTelevision

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    In southern India, a man is practicing spinning tops to set a new record. He hopes to eventually spin 500 tops in five minutes using just three fingers.

    An attempt at a new world record. A man from Coimbatore City of India's Tamil Nadu state tried to spin 500 tops in five minutes.

    One onlooker she likes the idea of using fingers instead of threads to spin the top.

    [Aishwarya, Spectator]:
    "When I heard that a man was rotating tops using just three fingers, I did not believe it. I came to see this, and it was very amazing. In my childhood, I also used to rotate tops using ropes, but he rotates tops only by his three fingers. It was really amazing to see that."

    Raja has had a fascination with tops since his childhood. He says the record is to promote the almost forgotten toy among children.