Inquiry Call in Deadly Building Collapse in New Delhi, India


by NTDTelevision

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The aftermath of a building collapse in New Delhi that has killed at least 60 people.

Excavators sift through rubble in the Indian capital -- searching for survivors, but finding bodies.

A lawmaker from the ruling Congress party is demanding a inquiry into the disaster.

[Mahabal Mishra, Congress Party Lawmaker]:
"I say that a CBI inquiry, the way unauthorized buildings are being made in Delhi, a CBI inquiry should be carried out on this. Whosoever comes into the light through the investigations should be punished. Such people should be charged under Section 302. Whether police, MCD, or Mahabal Mishra is involved in this, a CBI inquiry should be done."

Seventy-eight people were also injured in the collapse, and at least 30 are believed to be trapped in the debris.

An official from a local hospital says 39 victims have arrived dead at the hospital.

[Yogesh Kumar Sareen, Head of Pediatrics Department]:
"We have received 39 bodies in the hospital so far, who were brought dead, and 29 others are being treated. Out of them, one is in critical condition and has been admitted to the I.C.U, and the other patients are stable."

Local authorities said the building collapsed after its basement had been waterlogged for days due to heavy monsoon rain.

Many Indian buildings do not conform to safety or zoning regulations, with owners building additional floors or structures without approval.