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    SF Convention Eurocon / Eastercon / Helicon in Jersey 1993

    Roberto Quaglia

    per Roberto Quaglia

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    Don't miss this opportunity to travel back in time and dive into that cool science fiction convention which happened in the island of Jersey, back in 1993. From the Private Video Collection of Roberto Quaglia, now for the first time available to the public, 40 minutes of magic moments retrieved from oblivion and saved from entropy forever - or at least until the possibly imminent collapse of our technological society. Enjoy finding in this video of Helicon your old friends, as well of some of the world's most famous science fiction authors. Feel free to share this video with your friends. Inside this video, the following people have been already recognized: Brian Aldiss, Frederik Pohl, Harry Harrison, Ian Banks, Jim Burns, George R. Martin, Ian Watson, John Brunner, Sam Lundwall, Karel Thole, Jack Cohen, Alison Scott, Ionut Banuta, Chris O'Shea, Pavel Constantin, David J Lally, David Langford, Ellen Andresen, Frank Roger, Heidi Lyshol, James Steel, Jane Killick, Joan Manel Ortiz, Joe Haldeman, Judith Clute, Karin Lundwall, Martin Hoare, Martin Smart, Mike Figg, Mike Scott, Patrick McMurray, Richard Wheatley, Roberto Quaglia, Piergiorgio Nicolazzini, Ernesto Vegetti, Roger Gray, Chris Baker, Clare Goodall, Dick Jude, Faith Brooker, James Steel, Jan Howard Finder, Jane Johnson, Malcolm Edwards, Michael Pargman, Nina Watson, Rachel Baker, Robert Maughan, Bridget Wilkinson, Unknown, Sf Concatenation, Larry Van der Putte, Sorin Repanovici, Stephan Ghidoveanu, Marina Nicolaev, Tudor Emil Besuan, Lucian Merisca, Liliana Neatu, Cornelia Neatu, Tommy Persson
    …and many more still to be identified!