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    Arsenal: Duel in the Desert || Trailer

    DVD and Digital Download Available at: This program presents a dramatic, fast-moving episode that depicts the development of ground forces, from past failures and successes, to the state-of-art equipment and forces at the heart of today's mechanized battlefield. With the Cold War over, Middle Eastern nations can now forego political alliances when pursuing military technologies, and may buy whatever weaponry is affordable. As domestic needs for military hardware shrink, industrial countries now have a new market to pursue. Take an insightful and informative look at the new weapons systems that compete for Middle Eastern currencies. Witness the powerful arsenals of weaponry offered for sale by countries of the former Soviet Union, France, South Africa, the United Kingdom and the U.S. Experience first-hand, the explosive power delivered by the world's most fearsome armored vehicles, such as the powerful T-90 main battle tank, air defense systems such as the 2S6 Tunguska and the Ka-50 Black Shark attack helicopter. NTSC 4:3 – 104-minutes ©1998 Video Ordnance Inc. - All Rights Reserved