Arsenal: RollingPower || Trailer

DVD and Digital Download Available at: This program presents a dramatic, fast-moving episode that depicts the development of ground forces, from past failures and successes, to the state-of-art equipment and forces at the heart of today's mechanized battlefield. The combat capability of the modern army depends on a careful balance of many types of advanced weapons, all of them fast moving, all of them deadly. This episode will show you a battle-tested example of how today's armies are organized to optimize their effectiveness. The largest and most lethal of mobile units used today is the Heavy Maneuver Division, exemplified by the US Army's 24th Infantry Division. The key combat elements of the division -- tanks, infantry, artillery and army aviation -- are examined, explaining how they interact to maximize combat power on the battlefield. Featured equipment includes the M1 Abrams main battle tank, infantry vehicles such as the M2 Bradley, artillery systems including the M109 self-propelled howitzer, and the MLRS, and close-air support vehicles such as the AH-64 Apache. Learn how modern armies translate tactics and technology into war fighting capability through realistic training. NTSC 4:3 – 52-minutes ©1996 Video Ordnance Inc. - All Rights Reserved