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    Purification is NOT a process!


    by wordpur

    WELCOME to the absolute TRUTH according to the DIVINE MIND of GOD, not the created!
    The WORDS come from the INSPIRED written WORDS of CREATION, some call the “bible.”

    No “self interpretation” added, and the ORIGINAL Greek to English was WORDS were REPLACE back, so nothing was taken away, but actually the WORDS RESTORED. The ORIGINAL WORDS were the ones that were INSPIRED by the WHOLLY SPIRIT, and not the unholy spirit of the fallen translators.

    1. First the ORIGINAL WORD of CREATION, than the written form.

    2. The FREE to listen to, Creative Commons MUSIC was "allowed" by “Stefano Giadiniere,” and the song is “Partorito" Stefano is a excellent composer and can be found at. . .
    Listen and enjoy for free and maybe get some of his good music.