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    Interview ASB Bank - Simone McCallum & Michael Ramsay

    Christophe Langlois

    by Christophe Langlois

    This is the skype interview I shot with Simone and Michael on 17 Nov 2010, two months after ASB Bank launched the first 'Virtual Branch' on facebook.

    We talked about the following topics:

    - What is the Virtual Branch? (starts at 00:32)
    - What are ASB Bank's key goals? (starts at 02:41)
    - Was it a way to contribute to some innovation targets? (starts at 03:54)
    - Measurement criteria & results so far? (starts at 04:44)
    - Any sales targets? Most common questions? (starts at 06:40)
    - How and when do you plan to fully leverage facebook's viral features? (starts at 08:18)
    - Do people want to talk about financial products with their bank on facebook? (starts at 10:18)
    - When will I get more background info on the team? (starts at 12:58)
    - Current structure, and Future, of the social media team? (starts at 14:57)
    - What's Next? More integration into social! (starts at 16:53).
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    As usual, your comments are more than welcome!