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    " It'll Take More Than 2 Seconds To Do That Face! "


    by LauraMoores33

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    I think because she didnt think she had a cat in hells chance of John fancying her, she just acted normal around him and thats were the attraction to her made an inpact on John.
    By mamajean5 years ago
    Jackie Mcglynn
    You r so right, Josie wasnt phased by his looks at all and he loved her for that. I liked the time when she was doing his toenails and he told her that he had ugly feet to which Josie replied there not as bad as your face mate. I dont think he was used to girls treating him like that and he really appreciated her humour.
    By Jackie Mcglynn5 years ago
    Josie just makes him laugh without trying, it must be so refreshing to John to have a girl thats not a yes yes one and not doting on his every word.
    By mamajean5 years ago
    can we clone john
    By JJandJlove5 years ago
    I didnt comment on john fit body before cos i had to move the screen up so i could concentrate on my comment before. but agree with all you woooooooooooow no wonder he didnt put his clothes on while josie was there. he is one hottttttttt guy
    By mamajean5 years ago
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