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    Film made about trapped Chilean miners


    by ODN


    A Spanish film is about to be released that shows how the 33 Chilean miners coped with being trapped underground for 69 days.

    The 33 miners were all believed dead after the mine caved in on August 5, but miraculously, they were found to have survived after 17 days. Some 1,500 journalists were at the mine to report on the rescue operation.

    The film's director, Antonio Recio said: "I'm interested in what happens down there. All what happened down there, their fears, their anxiety, their fright. The hope in the beginning, the desperation afterwards. When the drill goes wrong, when the bit brakes. All those things lead to emotions and feelings I think are worth telling."

    Recio said that although his film was based on fact, it portrayed a version of events in the mine created by him and his writers: "Principally, I have to say that this film is based on true facts. Don't look for a complete copy of a character who was down there. No. What you'll see there is stereotypes of people who have the same feelings the miners could have had, but it does not tell the exact story. Not at all."

    The film, called The 33 of San Jose, film was shot in the area of Catemu, close to Chilean capital Santiago. It is expected to be finished in December, when it will be shown on Spanish and Chilean television.