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    UN troops fire on Haiti protesters


    by ODN


    UN peacekeepers have shot several people in Haiti as locals riot over a cholera epidemic.

    Riots began on Monday in northern and central Haiti over suspicions that the outbreak, which has killed more than 1,000 people, was brought to Haiti by UN peacekeepers from Nepal.

    Demonstrators said UN forces shot several people - including a dead man wheeled through the streets and a wounded man shown bleeding in video shot on Wednesday.

    The government sent senior officials to Cap-Haitien, Haiti's second-largest city, to quell the rioting in which at least two people died.

    President Rene Preval appealed for calm on Tuesday, amid fears that the unrest would spread to the capital ahead of the November 28 presidential elections.

    At a hospital, some gruesome injuries attested to the unrest - one man's leg shattered by what he said was UN gunfire and a young man's swollen face. He said he was shot in the face.