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    India Arms School Girls To Fight Militants


    by NTDTelevision

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    Paramilitary troops are training young girls in weaponry, in India's northern Jammu and Kashmir state. Attacks by armed separatists in the region are frequent.

    Indian school girls aim AK-47s as they learn how to wield weapons and combat militants.

    They may still wear braids, but living in the turbulent northern Jammu and Kashmir state, these girls are no strangers to violence.

    One who lost her grandmother to a militant attack is eager to learn.

    [Sunaina, Girl Receiving Training]
    "We have been given training to use big weapons and we have learnt a lot. We felt very nice."

    Paramilitary troops are teaching girls to defend themselves and their villages against frequent skirmishes in the disputed Kashmir region.

    [S.S. Chillar, Commanding Officer]
    "This is basically to provide training to the children, especially girls, living near the Line of Control areas to use the new weapons and also the handling of the weapons, so that if any kind of emergency occurs the girls should be ready to fight back."

    Last year, a girl in the Kashmir Valley allegedly took on a group of militants who burst into her home single-handedly.

    Armed separatists in the region have claimed lives and caused unrest for more than two decades.

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