Lost Doy Show Beginning---Demo

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This is a rough demo of the opening to a multi-media solo show I’m pre-producing.
As a kid I used to pretend and dream about being “not from here”. I’m sure it had something to do with living “near-enough” to Roswell and seeing movies like Escape To Witch Mountain and Star Wars.

That was all fine and good in pretend-time as a kid, but as adult life started to creep in, I began to experience “feeling” alien more and more….like I didn’t fit in anywhere. That wasn’t the plan!

Sure, I felt that way when I found myself in Spokane, or the first year after moving to LA…but its been really stressed lately by having three “walking while black” incidents in a row, punctuated by a significant UFO sighting twelve hours before the third.


Is the universe telling me to get on with this solo show?

Here is a preview of the opening of my solo show called Lost doy…or How I Happened Upon the Pretty Blue Planet and Why I Decided to Stay.
I’ve been working on the theme for awhile…experimenting with playing with the fiction that I came here with a twin brother from another place to observe this planet from a safe distance, but after hitting a rift, we got separated, and I ended up temporarily having to take human form in the deserts of New Mexico.

My goal? Learn how to be “human” and “blend in” until I can find my twin and go back home. Of course, by the time I’ve learned how to be a good human, and by the time I started to move from place to place and school to school with a military family, I begin to forget why I came here in the first place.

Lost doy is the story of forgetting and then remembering again just as our planet completes a major turning point.

It will be multi-media, have some music, and will feature comedic monologues and stand-up. I hope to make people laugh, and maybe help remember.