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ilightPhone - Dawn Simulator, Dusk Simulator, Light Therapy,

il y a 8 ans184 views


The 1st application Dawn Simulator/Light Therapy for mobile.

Back in the dark again? Holidays seem so far away... Do you fancy sunbathing? Give yourself some few moments and experiment the peace you're looking for with the ilightPhone Apps.

The lack of light directly affects our mood ; with Autumn coming, one person on five suffers from seasonal issues.

ilightPhone Apps helps you to fill this gap while developing a quiet and zen atmosphere. For a litlle while (few minutes only!!) each day, in addition to a good healthy lifestyle, this Apps will give you that extra bit asap!

You can, thanks to the dawn simulator, wake up and fall asleep wherever you want ; in a forest, on a seafront, in Nature... no more tight waking up...

ilightPhone, the sun in your pocket !


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ilightPhone - Dawn Simulator, Dusk Simulator, Light Therapy,
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