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    The National Council of American-Soviet Friendship (NCASF) was the successor organisation to the National Council on Soviet Relations (NCSR).

    The 1930s witnessed the birth of the politically radical American-Soviet friendship movement which revolved around the Friends of the Soviet Union, founded in 1929. One of the major goals of the movement was for the United States & the Soviet Union to form an anti-fascist alliance. This eventually led to the foundation of the NCSR, which became the NCASF in 1941. The Council's membership was largely made up of professionals sympathetic to socialism & communism.

    In 1946 the House Un-American Activities Committee initiated a inquiry into the NCASF. In 1947, charges were brought against the Council for failing to register with the Subversive Activities Control Board.

    During its years of operation the NCASF released numerous publications focusing upon daily life in the Soviet Union and information regarding the state of American-Soviet relations.