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    David Spade Dating Advice: Girls Should Open Doors


    by CarbonatedTV

    Ah, the rules of engagement. Simple, easy standards set by men and women to promote longevity and smooth sailing in a relationship. Only problem? They're not exactly accepted mutually. Carbonated.TV was live at the Paley Center for Media honoring the cast of CBS's hit comedy "Rules of Engagement" and learning why men are really from Venus and women from Mars. Watch the video and choose your side carefully!

    Carbonated.TV had Oliver Hudson "Adam," Megyn Price "Audrey," David Spade "Russell," Patrick Warburton "Jeff," and Adhir Kalyan "Timmy" admitted their number one rule of engagement. David Spade says respect the girl, but only for three dates (haha!) while Oliver said, "Just love me." We expected nothing less from the guys; let's be honest. But Megyan brought balance back to the scales! She said no relationship is worth ruining by getting enraptured in caustic arguments and "tak[ing] the gloves off."