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    Planned Parenthood NYC


    by abortionoptions

    HELPED US UNDERSTAND!! We are immigrants from Mexico and didn't know where to turn. Free Abortion Alternatives treated us with compassion and respect. My daughter is 15 and got pregnant on her way to NY. I'm happy we met because you helped us understand the way things work in the U.S. and we took care of it. Betzabeth 31, Jersey City

    THANK YOU FOR EVERYTHING!! After talking with you I asked God to just guide me in the direction destined for me...thank you for everything, Free Abortion Alternatives! Shareen 22, Bronx

    NOW I AM HAPPY!! Julie talking to you was very important, after meeting with you I came in for my Free Abortion Alternatives centers sonogram first. I was scared but now am happy. I feel that this is what God had in store for me so I'm so grateful we met. Melissa 19, Jersey City, NJ