LF Day 49 5

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sorry my fault they are fixed but I may need to fix some of the others if anyone spots one leave a comment on the one where it is linked
By Diddididi 4 years ago
Just hopped back to this as I'd favourited it. I see the link has changed but they now seem to all be the same clip Diddididi?
By Sketchley-Lane 4 years ago
Note to self, I've favourited this for the link to Day 49 1 on viddler. LMAO at the end of clip at Josie & Corin's double act :)
By Sketchley-Lane 4 years ago
Oh "D", and so another day! i hope this one brings something more sedate, and not so stressful lol! i was thinking of taking up shares in kleenex yesterday! Once again i thank you for keeping us going lol! xxx :)
By ummyluvs 4 years ago