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    LIVE - 3 Wishes & a Million Dollars - Power in Journaling

    Theresa-Ann Harvey

    by Theresa-Ann Harvey

    2010-11-14 2nd LIVE Journal, Mayan day 3 The Road ♥ TRANSCRIPT: Intro: Entering the magical genie, I share with you a great way - an amazing way - to be surprised by your growth. We don’t normally notice the self this way. I have two little written exercises that are both fun to do and will surprise you about you - both now and in later years when you go back to the journal where you recorded them. Come be amazed with me - give it a go. Money doesn’t equate with happiness. We carry our happiness within. With eyes of heart we get to see that. It’s fun spending your million - your billion - just as you would if you had the real thing. What would you do with it - really? And what three wishes would you choose - if you could have literally anything - except, of course, unlimited wishes or other such silly stuff. These are fun exercises for our children, too. You’d be surprised what you’ll learn about yourself when you do this. You’ll also be amazed at what you learn about your kids - if they’re willing to share it with you, of course. Come listen to what I propose. Time is a funny thing. We don’t notice our changing so much, over the years. We just think we’re still us - just us - nothing new. Well, those who journal have a precious record to prove otherwise. We actually change quite a lot. And heck, that’s before these big changes we’re all going through, now. The changes now are astronomical, the way time is evaporating away... Distributed by Tubemogul.