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    Retired General Describes Foreign Oil Vendors


    by energynow

    Paul Eaton is a retired U.S. Army major general. In this interview, he gives Susan McGinnis an overview of some countries that sell oil to the United States. Eaton says U.S. foreign oil dependence requires the country to commit troops to keep the oil supply lines and lines of communication open. Eaton says the U.S. stopped importing oil from Uran because they are - in his words - "a true enemy." Iraq is a former enemy that is now a friend of the U.S. and a local hegemon, or dominant power in the region, to ensure that peace is maintained in the Middle East. He describes Venezuela as a "local problem" in our hemisphere, a country whose national interests are not in line with those of the U.S., but a country we can still do business with. Venezuela, he says, offers a large amount of inexpensive, mid-quality oil that the country can easily import. If the U.S. were to stop importing oil from Venezuela, it would have to make up that supply somewhere else. Eaton says that might entail drilling more deepwater wells like the one that caused the 2010 spil in the Gulf of Mexico. He says that as U.S. demand for oil rises, and the inexpensive, easy oil is consumed, the country has to go to more dangerous places to get its own oil.