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    179a1 is Revelation as it was fulfilled in the 911 disaster


    by Mikeoverson

    I took half hour of class 179a and divided it into 179a1 and 179a2 and then added Paula Abdul’s song OPPOSITES ATTRACT at the end, (please forgive the copyright violation). [Daily Motion didn't forgive it even after I emailed them a warning of the wrath of God they still deleted 179a2, but you can see it at, Video Sharing, Dekohana, Vimeo and Veoh]. This was a break through in explaining the end of the age in Revelation, Matthew 24 and my calling to represent Jesus’ return. Like God’s motivation to scare us in the Book of Revelation was explained in the scenes from POLLYANNA and POCAHONTAS that show God’s bark is much worse than Her bite. This is also about Rev 21:9, "Come with me and I will show you the bride, the Lamb's wife", (hence Paula’s song at the end). I would never dare to say such a thing until I did this class, after I watched it, (and realized how much help I had from God to do this), then Revelation 21:9 seemed to be the best description of what I'd just watched.