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    Jim Fisher Volvo Portland Reviews


    by JimFisherVolvo

    UP FRONT!! By T Five Star ***** Good Service I purchased both my Volvos from private owners, an S60 and an XC70. I have had the S60 in for a transmission fluid replacement and a software update. Jim Fisher Volvo told me up front what the cost was and matched it for the fluid replacement but the software cost came in $50 less than expected. Also they told me a simple test that I was able to perform at home to check if the crankcase pressure was positive or negative. One of the independent shops for Volvo on 82nd Ave. tried to convince me that I needed a new fuel filter on the S60 ($110 installed) at 60000miles rather than the 110000m recommended by Volvo. Jim Fisher Volvo in Portland said the gas around here was fine and they had never heard of problems with their customers cars. Before I purchased the XC70, I asked if I should bring it in for a check and they told me I could for a $200