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    USA Credit Repair Services Reviews

    MY CREDIT SCORE CAME UP!!! Thank you for all the hard work USA Credit Repair Services have done to help me with getting my credit score up. You have all been very helpful and I would recommend USA Credit Repair Services to anyone! Update Jan 24, 2009 - I found out that my credit score came up to 680! I started at 595 in September 2008. So you were a real help and I will definitely recommend you to others in my situation. Thank you again! -Kathryn D., Lorton, VA

    MUCH LOWER INTERST RATES!!! Thanks to USA Credit Repair Services my wife and I are able to buy the van we needed at a much lower interest rate! I went from having a 545 credit score to 668, and my wife went from 490 to 610! They were able to get 12 negative items deleted from my report! -Kenny P