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    Ticket bought at adult shop nets group $129m


    by ODN


    A group of friends and family in the US state of Michigan have hit the jackpot after jointly winning nearly $129 million (£80m) with a lottery ticket bought at a Detroit adult bookstore.

    Group member Mike Greer came forward to claim the Powerball winnings on behalf of the others, who chose to remain anonymous.

    He was presented with a symbolic cheque at an event in Lansing, which was also attended by Steve Mays, who came forward to claim a Mega Millions jackpot worth $141m dollars.

    According to a spokesman, it was the first time in the state's lottery history that two separate jackpots were claimed on the same day.

    But all media attention was on Greer, who said that he did not buy the ticket himself and did not know whether it was purchased inside the Uptown Bookstore or at its outside, walk-up lottery window.

    The adult bookstore, which is located in a depressed section of the Highland Park area of Detroit, has a facility whereby customers can buy their lottery tickets from a window looking out onto the street.

    Greer, who would only disclose that the winning group had more than two members and fewer than 100, said the group had "been with each other for a long time, helping each other get through this thing called life".