Clinton vs. Wallace: Fox News


by Donner

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Bill Clinton goes on FOX News, gets tired of Chris Wallace's right winged biased bullshit, and gets pissed. Go Bill!


jnl1000 is such a mindless bitch-made faggot that he'd rather have a braindead christian cunt retard (palin) as a leader. Empty suit bitch.
By oONGAH bOONGAH 2 5 years ago
Lay the smack down on FUX NEWS go Bill
By sidmon69 7 years ago
He admited he failed in regards to Bin Laden. At least he didn't fail as president like George W. Bush. We had a surplus when he left office, we had a booming economy...what do we have now? World hatred for this country, a deficit and an ugly war.
By GUSco2001 7 years ago
Bill Clinton goes on Fox News and admits he's a failure.
By jnl1000 8 years ago