Israeli Kids Build Massive Ice Cream Pyramid

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Ice-cream is perhaps at the top of the sweet treats pyramid for most children. But for a group of diabetic children in Israel, sculpting a record-breaking pyramid out of sugar-free ice-cream is an altogether rewarding experience. Our Israeli correspondent have the details.

These Israeli youngsters have just about 174 gallons of ice cream and tons of motivation at their disposal. Their goal… to build the largest sugar free ice-cream pyramid in the world. They’re doing it to raise awareness about juvenile diabetes and break a Guinness World Record in the process.

Amir Kasher and his friends from The Israeli Academy for Leadership organized the event.

[Amir Kasher, Organizer]:
“The irony is that a child with juvenile diabetes cannot touch ice cream, and all his life he is told that he cannot eat ice cream or sugar. And then he breaks the Guinness World Record for the biggest pyramid ever.”

15-year-old Anat discovered that she suffers from juvenile diabetes about three years ago. Since then, her lifestyle has changed significantly.

[Anat Besor, Suffers from Juvenile Diabetes]:
“From that moment onward, you have to check everything you eat, how much you eat, you must always be in balance, check your sugar levels. You can’t spontaneously leave home without a bag, even when just going to a neighbor’s… you always must carry a bag with all the stuff.”

Roni is only five-years-old and is already wearing an insulin pump.

[Meirav Brenner, Roni’s Mother]:
“The pancreas of a juvenile diabetes patient stops working and doesn’t discharge insulin. So she is connected to an insulin pump which imitates the operation of the real pancreas of a healthy person.”

The number 12 printed on the participants’ shirts carries a symbolic meaning.

Reporter:Elena Tsuprun Photographer:Anat Markram
NTD, Israel.

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