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    Poland Celebrates Independence Day


    by NTDTelevision

    Poles everywhere celebrate Independence Day today. Traditionally on this day, the Polish Army Museum in Warsaw hosts an open house. Families can sample army food, sit in airplane cockpits, climb onto tanks and aim cannons. But it is also an opportunity for kids to learn about patriotism and freedom.

    November 11th is Independence Day in Poland. On this day, members of Poland's armed forces team up with the Polish Army Museum in Warsaw to organize an open house. They climb out of their cockpits, get down from their battle stations and mingle with the crowd. They showcase their equipment and celebrate Independence Day together with civilians.

    [Eryk Paryszek, First Sergeant, Polish Air Force]:
    "This is one of the most important holidays in Poland. We learn about it in kindergarten already and judging by the number of visitors today, we can see how deeply patriotism runs in Poles. This holiday is important to everyone."

    The open house is very much a family event. Kids of all ages love the unique opportunity to see military equipment … from the inside. They climb up on tanks, squeeze into cockpits and prance around cannons. Young and old alike stand in line for their chance to sit in the cockpit of jet fighter plane or play with the controls of an air force helicopter.

    [Eryk Paryszek, First Sergeant, Polish Air Force]:
    "Probably the biggest attraction for people is the opportunity to climb into a MIG 29 Jet Fighter plane and other similar aircraft. Everyone wants to touch the controls and feel like a real pilot."

    This year, the Polish Army Museum is also hosting a special military parade. It showcases military uniforms from different periods of history. According to the Polish Army Ground Forces spokesman, the open house is also a bit of a history lesson.

    Tom Ozimek, NTD News, Warsaw, Poland