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    "Ukrainian Universe" Wins Honorary Korean Award


    by NTDTelevision

    The unique embroidered works of Ukrainian artist, Anzhelika Rudnytska, have been on exhibit in various European countries. Soon, the exhibition "Ukrainian Universe" goes to South Korea, where the artist will be awarded the honorary title of "World Master." Our correspondents from Kyiv report.

    Ukrainian artist, TV presenter and a singer Anzhelika Rudnytska earns the title, "World Master." She will receive the award in South Korea, venue for this year’s annual World Masters' Festival in Arts & Culture.

    [Anzhelika Rudnytska, Artist]:
    "First, I was told about the festival and that I was among the 200 applicants up for the title of "World Master". After some time, I was told that a number of participants were weeded out, after another selection. Now I don’t know how many people will be given this award, but I will be among them."

    South Korea will become the first Asian country where Anzhelika presents her exhibition "Ukrainian Universe". The paintings are unique because they were not created with paint but with threads. This unique style is called "embroidery painting”.

    [Anzhelika Rudnytska, Artist]:
    "The uniqueness of my technique and of myself as an artist, is not only in my special vision and the way I transfer colors, but in the fact that I'm using a new technique. It combines the traditional Ukrainian embroidery - which I have been taught by my mother and grandmother - with my understanding of current trends."

    The embroidered works contain patterns drawn from Trypillian culture, Easter eggs, and ancient weaving and forging. The Swastika is among them.

    [Vyacheslav Kredisov, Head of New Formation Organization]:
    "There are now so many worries, struggles, and negativity in Ukraine, that when I see something happy, I honestly enjoy it. The exhibition is a joy. "

    The World Master award ceremony will be held on December 3rd in the Korean city, Yeosu. Anzhelika’s creations are being shipped there in the next few days.

    NTD, Kyiv, Ukraine.