Sickness Dogs Merapi Evacuees


by NTDTelevision

Indonesians fleeing the eruption of Mount Merapi now face a number of illnesses spreading through evacuation shelters.

An Indonesian farmer goes about his work, but behind him a reminder this Central Java countryside still faces danger.

The Mount Merapi volcano continues to erupt after more than two weeks, and nearly 200 volcano-related deaths.

Endless hot gas and ash clouds have forced the evacuation of more than 320,000 people nearby.

But limited facilities at evacuation shelters comes at a cost.

Illnesses are beginning to spread, and many residents must now move from shelters to field hospitals.

They're suffering from acute respiratory infections, hypertension, and headaches among other ailments.

Doctors move those in serious conditions further on to proper local hospitals.

Meanwhile officials say the eruption is waning, but threats of cold lava flooding remain.

A 20-kilometer exclusion zone around the volcano's summit is still in place.