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    by Panda_Motion

    This was one of our contest winning logo entries. I knew I wanted to spin the box and have it open. Having the text come out from inside the box was an afterthought. There was some communication difficulties since Johnatan is from Guatemala. I sent him the first concept and it was well received. He is a designer. Check out his work here:​ Technical: Every logo presents unique challenges. Sometimes I have to change the logo itself in order to animate it. If you look closely the original logo lines are the same thickness all the way around the box (see his website). In the animated version some of the lines are thinner, as they are further from the camera inside of after effects. I recreated a 3d box and tied everything to a null object. Changing the anchor point I rotated the flaps. I rotated the null to spin the box. Alas, this animation isn’t perfect. I wasn’t able to fix an issue... due to my lack of crazy techno skills.... I won’t tell you what it is. “i need a logo animation,” okay here you go: