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    South Korea Navy Ship Sinks after Hiting Fishing Boat


    by NTDTelevision

    A South Korean navy ship has sunk off the country's southwest coast. The ship collided with a fishing boat on Wednesday evening, killing one sailor and leaving two missing.

    A South Korean Navy ship has sunk of the coast Wednesday, leaving one crew member dead and two others missing. It happened after the 150 ton vessel collided with a 270 ton fishing boat near the southern island of Jeju Wednesday night.

    The defense ministry says 28 sailors have been rescued.

    [Kim, (Fisherman)]:
    "Small ships are speedy and they are not easily located by radar."

    Last March South Korea lost a warship sunk by a torpedo.

    Forty-six crew perished in the attack, which South Korea blames on its communist neighbor, North Korea.