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    WHICH IS TO BE THE MASTER? (english subtitles)

    Sylvain Robineau

    par Sylvain Robineau

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    A skateboard is at the same time a means of locomotion and an incredible juggling tool. The city, wonderful playground for a skateboarder, is also the stage on which the four characters of this movie cross paths.

    Raphael Zarka, artist and author of two books on skateboarding, explains on a radio show his perception and outlook on skateboarding. Suddenly, a news report interrupts the show : the fake cab driver is still prowling, two girls have disappeared after being mounted on board.

    A young woman, Laura, has renounced to her relationship with Ian. He is absorbed with a passion which, according to her, has taken the leading role. She has a strange habit, every Saturday she takes a cab and collects portraits of cab drivers.

    The words of Raphael Zarka, overheard on the radio, are feeding the conversation between Laura and the cab driver on romantic relationships. While they are confronting ideas and driving through a surprisingly calm Paris, a skateboarder in a red polo shirt is roaming around the city. Ian, for his part, is trapped in the nostalgia of his relationship with Laura. He would do anything to see her again and win her back, and for this, he has a plan.

    Which is to be the master?

    Written and filmed by Sylvain Robineau, with the collaboration of Guillaume Noyelle.
    Video special effect by Sébastien Aubert, sound mixing by Charli "Circus" Masson.
    Produced by Canam Production, with support from Centre Images.

    With :
    Guillaume Noyelle (the skater), Raphaël Zarka ("the forbidden concurrence, notes about skateboarding", éditions fsept), David Azencot (Journalist Radio Campus Paris), Frédéric Boucaumont (voice over radio), Laura Chetrit (Laura), Ian Faure (Ian), Sylvain Robineau (the taxi), Arnaud Dedieu (Arnaud), Soy Panday et Julie Castéran (the Saturday night dancers).